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Roar of the Lame Duck

Some historic events of note.

In 1892, John Adams, the second President of the United States, was defeated by Thomas Jefferson in his reelection bid. During the period between the election and the swearing in of the new Jefferson Presidency (Adams' lame duck period), Adams used his Executive Orders to create a new layer of Appeals Courts and appoint several judges (also known as Midnight Judges) who were confirmed by the lame duck Senate.

In 1932, incoming President Franklin D. Roosevelt refused to cooperate with outgoing President Herbert Hoover in early enactment of measures to fight economic depression. America sank into deeper economic hole.

In 1980-81, President Jimmy Carter published more than 10,000 pages of new rules between election day and Ronald Reagan's Inauguration Day.

In 2000, President Bill Clinton administration enacted several rules limiting logging and banning lead paint. It also imposed more stringent drinking water standards. For comic relief, Clinton aids removed the letter "w" from several White House keyboards.

In 2008, the Bush Administration finalized rule regulating industrial farms, opened up public land to drilling which enabled development of shale oil extraction and promulgated a conscience clause for hospital workers allowing them to refuse performing abortions.

In November 2016, Barack Obama's rulemakings included:

-Revision of Nutrition Facts for Meat and Poultry

-Renewable Fuel Standards for 2017

-Passenger Equipment Safety Standards

What have these events to do with today? Plenty.

People think that if Biden defeats Trump on November 3,

it will be end of the story. Not quite.

These are things a lame duck President Trump can do:

-Eliminate Affordable Care Act through action in the new Supreme Court

-Establish new Immigration rules

-Implement drastic rules for Covid-19 vaccine development and its distribution

-Levy new tariffs and trade restrictions

-Appoint more conservative judges to remaining U.S. Court vacancies

Let us hope that the roar of lame duck is not louder than the bark of the Presidency.

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