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There you Go Again, Georgia!

Updated: Jun 30

Friends, Democrats and Republicans, lend me your senses; I come to peruse the new Georgia State Voting Law, and not to praise it. The evil that laws do lives long after they are passed; The good is oft quickly voted down. The noble democrats told you the Georgia Law was racist: If it were so, it was a stupid law, and stupidly have everyone reacted to it. But the democrats are honorable men. Georgia expanded its early voting to at least 17 days. Yet the critics say Georgia was racist. And the critics are all honorable. Previously, Georgia required ID for in-person voting. Now they would need ID for both in-person and mail-in voting; Does this sound like restricting the voting? Yet, MLB views that all IDs are voter repression, and MLB is very honorable and profitable. In the pandemic 2020 days, the absentee voting requests were allowed to start 180 days (six months) prior to election; This would be before the end of the Primaries; Before voters know who is running for an office. But Washington Post says reducing this period to a realistic 78 days is discrimination. You all know that the average absentee voting period in this country is three weeks before the election. What cause prevents you from speaking out that 78 days are far greater than 3 weeks (21 days)? But Washington Post says Georgia law is racist, and Washington Post is an honorable newspaper. Disallowing food and drink distribution along with campaign materials within the non-canvassing zone is called heartless by the liberal media. But to quench the thirst of hundreds of voters standing in voting line, Georgia law will allow water stands. Does that seem heartless to you? Yet the media says Georgia Law is heartless. And the media is always holier than thou. Republican legislative majority in Georgia voted to reduce the number of ballot drop boxes in Atlanta metropolitan area from 94 outside locations in pandemic stricken 2020, to 23 inside places in the future. Republicans clamor voter integrity, and Republicans are honorable men. New Georgia law would ban Mobile Voting Centers and third party funding for election officials. O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason. Why can't we limit the funding to all political candidates? The Republican Georgia state legislature will be given more control over state election board. And the hawks will be put in charge of the hens; The Georgia Legislature and the hawks are honorable creatures. Bear with me, my mind is left swirling with the new Georgia voting law; and I must pause until the next election, when all perpetrators are voted out. Apologies to Marcus Antonius

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