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Where are You, Marcus Welby MD?

Things started innocently enough.

I needed a cardiac clearance for a small tooth surgery.

So I went to my Cardiologist (Specialist #1) and got the clearance.

Meanwhile, I had a severe attack of viral fever

Like many in our age group, my wife and I are still plodding through the land mines of COVID. But this seemed to be a more virulent virus.

After severe loss of weight and big drop in my blood platelet count, I was referred to a Hematologist/ Oncologist (Specialist #2). Specialist #2 suspected the viral fever to be a cause.

Several Tests, MRI's and CT scans later, my Hematologist/ Oncologist had a good news and bad news.

The Platelet count had gone up, however, he was not happy with my liver function.

He suggested consulting a Gastroenterologist (Specialist #3).

Incidentally, all of the tests were showing a consistent enlargement of my prostate.

My Urologist (Specialist# 4) suggested a prescription for this. I took the prescription. It was effective but it had some side effects, like accumulation of fluid and lowering of the the blood pressure. Still we decided to put up with the lesser evil.

Meanwhile, one fine morning, After my hot shower, I found that my one of my varicose veins had broken, and I was standing on a pool of blood. Visit to the hospital emergency room did a quick fix on the wound. I was strongly advised to consult a vein restoration doctor (Specialist# 5).

For a good measure, I was referred to a Neurologist (Specialist # 6}. This was to address occasional drowsiness I was experiencing one in a while, especially after COVID.

As we go along our lives, we are directed to multiple medical experts. We keep bouncing from one specialist to another. Gone are the days when you go to your trusted Primary Care Physician and be done with it.

I marvel all the advances in modern medical treatment.

But secretly, my heart still yearns:

Where are you Marcus Welby, MD?

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